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We all know the routine. You visit a dealership or used car lot just to look around. You want to explore your options, maybe narrow down some ideas you’ve been having about what your next vehicle should be. Before you know it, you’re test-driving something quite different than what you had in mind, but... it feels so good!

Then come the heartfelt inquiries from the salesperson as to what they could do or find in their inventory to make you happy. They seem like such nice people – and many of them are. But they have to pay their bills the same way you have to pay yours, and that means either finding something that genuinely matches what you want or changing what you want and are prepared to purchase.

It’s not evil – it’s just salesmanship. But it’s also not primarily about looking out for you. It’s not supposed to be. You’re on different teams. If you’re able to come to terms on a deal that’s a win-win, that’s great. It happens. But if not, they still want to win – and so do you. That’s why you need to go into the process prepared with information as well as resolve. It’s why it’s essential that you know your options and what to look for as you shop for that new or used car or truck.

The same thing applies when it’s time to talk about financing. Dealer financing may be a legitimate option. Manufacturers sometimes offer amazing promotions in order to move inventory – rates and terms impossible for traditional lenders because the manufacturer is making their profits on the sale, not the financing, Other times local dealerships craft tempting terms through third-party lenders to spark sales.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with the idea. Sometimes the in house financing car lot process works to your advantage. Other times, however, dealers are looking to pad their profits through creative – or even deceptive – financing arrangements. We don’t begrudge anyone their right to make a fair profit on their products and service. What we care about far more, however, is your ability to make fully informed decisions when it’s time to buy.

Being Prepared

An automobile loan isn’t substantially different from most other familiar loan types. Once a total amount is settled, you agree to make a set number of payments based on that amount plus interest. Auto loans are typically four or five years, although more recently terms up to seven years have become popular as more buyers insist on increasingly expensive vehicles. Most vehicle loans have fixed interest rates, meaning your payment amount stays consistent from month to month. You should know your final payment date and amount before you even sign the contract.

Financing may be less orthodox at “buy here pay here” sites. Sometimes used car dealerships process bad credit differently than traditional lenders, offering extended terms, weekly payments in place of monthly, or even cash back variations. As with any loan, particularly those targeting borrowers in difficult circumstances, pay attention to the details and don’t let anyone pressure you into making your long-term situation worse by jumping into something that doesn’t feel right.

The financial officer at the dealership will require similar information to any other lender, although they’re less likely to ask you to provide documentation. They know the moment you leave the lot for any reason, the chances of them closing the sale plummets. By the time you’re talking financing, they’ve gone to a great deal of trouble to keep positive momentum going. Sending you home to dig up pay stubs or tax forms might render it all pointless as you begin rethinking your decision or considering other options. You should still arrive knowing your basic information - current income, outstanding debt, etc. But you don't have to bring a file cabinet of forms with you to prove it.

Things To Consider

Most of us don’t buy vehicles with great regularity. The auto loan process at dealership is designed to lock down the sale and maximize the immediate benefit to the dealer. They’re naturally looking to pad their profits through the financing process or sell your loan to a third party for a quick profit – usually the moment you pull off the lot. Dealerships survive on sales, right now.

While professional lenders certainly need to make a profit on their transactions, it’s tempered by their desire to build long-term relationships. If you’re dealing directly with your local bank or credit union, or with any of the established and reputable online lenders becoming increasingly popular among savvy buyers, they want you to keep coming to them with your financial needs and tell your friends about them. It’s how they survive and grow, and that typically works in your favor.

It's always OK to explore other options, even at this stage. No matter what you’re told, or how many people are coming in to buy “your” car that very day, the manufacturer has almost certainly made more than one of this particular make and model. In other words, you can always find another one. It’s very difficult for salespeople (or anyone else) to manipulate you once you’ve realized they need you more than you need them.

Loanry® is here to help dealers with auto loans


Why Loanry?

The internet means access to an almost unlimited amount of information. There’s no excuse not to research any vehicle you’re considering ahead of time. Look at reliability, performance, and values both new and used. Compare sale prices locally and nationwide. You can probably even find a half-dozen for sale with reasonable distance of where you are right now, depending on exactly what you’re looking for.

The same thing applies to financing. This is the 21st century, and there’s no reason not to know your own credit score, examine your own credit history, or even secure your own funding ahead of time. Pre-approval means you’re able to shop for and compare loans, locally and online, at your own pace and in your own way well ahead of walking onto the lot and initiating the sales part of the process. Whether you choose to do on your computer at work during down time, on your phone during your kid’s band practice, or at night on your couch with your laptop after everyone’s asleep, the tools and information are all there when you’re ready.

That’s true of searching for a reputable online lender as well. It’s one of the things we do best at Loanry. We’ll gather some basic information about you and what you need, then search our curated database of reliable lenders to help you find one that may be able to help. Then, it’s up to you to decide. If you like what you hear and your loan is approved, you’ll often have the money in your account sooner than you’d think – sometimes within 24 hours or less.


Any financing is a long-term commitment and should never be taken lightly. However, financing is also an opportunity. Several opportunities, in fact.

First is the opportunity to practice comparing loan options. Using one of our online loan calculators, you can adjust various factors like down payments, interest rates, and life of the loan, to see how each impacts your monthly payment and the total paid over time. This allows you to proceed much better prepared to talk terms and to understand the role each plays in the bigger picture.

Second is the chance to build, rebuild, or improve your credit rating. Every loan you take out is shaped by your current credit score and existing credit history; every payment you make on time is another step towards a higher score and improved history moving forward. That means the next time you’re in need of financing – for a home, for another vehicle, or for whatever you may decide is important in your future – you’ll have more options and better offers based on what you do between now and then.

Finally, of course, is the car or truck itself. Take good care of it, follow the recommended maintenance schedule, and treat it as an investment as well as a ride, and you’re building wealth. It has value because it’s a tool allowing you to do what you need to do, because you can sell it or trade it in when you’re ready, and because it demonstrates your ability to make solid financial decisions.


At, we’re simplifying the world of personal and small business finance. We’ve brought together financial connections, online tools, and access to information about money and a wide range of money-related issues. Maybe you’re looking to better understand your property values and how they’re computed, or what you need to do to improve your three-digit credit score. You might be wondering about “payday loans” and whether or not they’re legit, or trying to figure out if people in situations like yours can actually buy and sell on the stock market.

Sometimes it’s more basic. You need a small personal loan on good terms and aren’t sure where to start. You have a small business and you’re ready to expand. Tax time is coming and you’re not sure how to prepare. Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered with hundreds of easy-to-follow videos and thousands of free articles. More or being posted every week.

We’re not trying to take over the world; we’re trying to help you take control of your world.


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Dealer Financing Explained

There are advantages and disadvantages to relying on dealer financing when you’re ready to purchase a new (or new-to-you) vehicle. Just like selecting the machine itself, there are few absolutes about what is or isn’t a good idea. What is always a good idea is going in armed with information and understanding your options. Knowledge, after all, is power.

How does financing work? What should you know about shopping for a vehicle, new or used? What pitfalls should you avoid? We’ll help you prepare for the most common elements of the car buying experience.

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Pros & Cons of Dealer Financing Auto Loans

Dealer financing is certainly convenient, but may not result in the best loan terms for you. What should you consider when it's time to decide?

Pro: Convenience

Dealer financing takes place on-site and usually goes fairly quickly. They rarely ask for specific documents and genuinely want to find a way to get you approved so they can close the sale and move on. You can shop, select, finance, and drive away in a single afternoon if all goes well.

Pro: Promotional Offers

Dealer promotions sometimes include genuinely impressive terms like zero percent interest or no payments for 90 days, etc. Make sure you read the small print and look for any catches. Knowing your other options in advance will better prepare you to evaluate dealer offers – even special ones.

Pro: Access to Multiple Lenders

Many dealers work with more than one lender and can pull up a range of options depending on your credit score and history. A transparent finance manager will gladly discuss multiple options with you in order to allow you input on what makes the most sense for you.

No Shopping Around

Relying on dealership financing means taking what they offer at face value without comparing it to other options. Online lenders or even traditional banks or credit unions can often offer better interest rates or flexible terms, and tend to focus on your long-term satisfaction rather than short-term profits.

Con: Incomplete Information

Some dealers manipulate the financing process to pad their profit margin on the sale. This can happen through the terms of the loan itself, various add-ons which make it into the final numbers, or outright dishonesty. A smart finance manager can steer you into the financing that works best for them, not you.

Con: No Time To Reflect

By the time you’re doing financial paperwork, you may have been at the dealership for hours, or shopping for a vehicle for even longer. When we’re tired or frustrated or simply ready to wrap things up, whatever the cost, we’re less likely to pay attention to the details or question add-on fees or optional “services.”

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We are a marketing lead generator and advertising service designed to provide you with quick and convenient access to third-party lenders.


We are a marketing lead generator and advertising service designed to provide you with quick and convenient access to third-party lenders.


We are a marketing lead generator and advertising service designed to provide you with quick and convenient access to third-party lenders.


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