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The Power of Your Name

A signature loan is any loan relying primarily on your personal credibility and credit history for approval. Rather than putting up your home, car, or other personal property as collateral, you’re literally asking the lender to trust your good name and to accept your signature as sufficient guarantee the loan will be repaid in a timely manner. In other words, a signature loan – also known as a “character loan” or “good faith loan” – is essentially a personal loan that doesn’t require collateral.

Signature loans can be used for anything you like. They’re typically structured as traditional installment loans, meaning that repayment is scheduled on a monthly basis with an unchanging amount due each time. When the loan is paid in full, the account is closed. Interest rates may be higher than similar loans secured by collateral, although this will vary with your actual credit score and complete credit history.

When considering a signature loan, check with your local bank or credit union. Ask about promotional rates or new customer offers. In the 21st century, however, there are numerous sources for signature loans online, including lenders who specialize in signature loans for bad credit. The turnaround time is typically brief and the paperwork relatively minimal, and how you spend the loan is entirely up to you. Few loans are more flexible or straightforward. As you pay back the balance, your credit history improves, your credit score benefits, and you now have a positive history with a reliable lender eager to retain your business in future endeavors.

Caution and Consideration

More than perhaps any other form of personal loan, just because you can take out a signature loan quickly and easily doesn’t necessarily mean you should. If you have anything less than an excellent credit rating, interest rates are often higher than with other sorts of loans. Many lenders require origination or other up-front processing fees, and sometimes charge substantial penalties for either late payments or early payoff. Don’t hesitate to ask questions of your lender. If you don’t like the answers, you are completely justified in looking at other options.

Used wisely, signature installment loans can help you get through emergency repairs, unexpected medical expenses, or even help you consolidate your monthly debts for a more manageable payment and a lower overall interest rate. On the other hand, they’re often marketed as solutions to ongoing struggles making ends meet – which they are not. Falling behind on your payments will further damage your credit rating, making future borrowing even more expensive and difficult. Make sure you have every reason to believe you can pay back the loan as agreed before signing. If you’re not sure, let’s look at other options instead.

Avoid “payday loans” or other “quickie cash” offers. Avoid desperate searches for “need cash now” or “signature loans near me” then clicking on the first result which appears. Interest rates for such ploys tend to be abusive, and agreements are filled with hidden fees and crippling penalties for any number of stumbles you may have along the way. There are always better solutions, even when things feel desperate. You can’t make things better by making them worse.

Applying for a Signature Loan

While the process for securing a signature loan tends to be a bit more straightforward than with many other types of personal loan, you should be prepared to provide proof of employment and income, recent tax return information, and other standard background. Every lender is different, but your preparation can greatly smooth the process.

If you have a limited credit history or poor credit, you may be asked about securing a co-signer. This is someone with a stronger credit history than yourself who is willing to “guarantee” the loan in order to help you out. C0-signers are sometimes asked to sign the same agreement as the primary borrower; other times, they’ll merely sign a “promissory note” which states that they’ll only be liable if you fail to make your payments. In other words, your co-signer promises to make the payments if you don’t. This is asking a great deal of a friend or family member, so do not undertake this step lightly.

Used wisely, signature installment loans can be a great way to control and spread out the expenses associated with an amazing wedding, the opportunity to travel, unexpected repairs, medical procedures, legal fees, or other short-term change in circumstances. If approved, funds from this sort of loan are usually available quite quickly and ready for you to use as you see fit.

Just remember – this is your name. Your credit rating and history. Your responsibility. Then again, it’s also your opportunity. Are you ready?

Loanry® is here to help you pay off your signature loans


Why Loanry?

The freedom of having a strong credit history and an impressive three-digit credit score is a wonderful thing, although it can also seem a bit overwhelming once we realize how many choices we truly have. You never want to borrow just to borrow, and impulse purchases you can afford to finance aren’t any more laudable than those you can’t. In short, no matter what sort of loan you’re considering or what sort of credit history you have, it’s always good to consider your options before making a major purchase or taking out a loan.

It’s nice to know that can be done largely from the comfort of your own couch or home office. Or, if you prefer, you can compare loan options or play with various interest rates and payment periods on your cell phone during your lunch break or using the free computers at your local library. When you’re ready to apply for a loan, you have the same flexibility. Day or night, from wherever you happen to be, we’re here and ready to connect you to the lenders we think have the best chance of meeting your needs.

At Loanry, and across the family, we’re making the world of personal and small business finance more accessible and more manageable. It starts by gathering together practical online financial tools, information about a variety of money-related issues, guides to common terminology used in the financial world, and a one-stop, one-ID, one-password approach allowing you to carry your information from site to site without worry. At every step, we believe in keeping things honest and straightforward, in language anyone can understand.

There are no classes. No deadlines. No tests. It’s all there when you need it, when you’re ready. No one can promise that making financial choices will always be easy, but that doesn’t mean things should be harder than they have to be.


If you qualify for a signature loan, you’re already in decent credit shape. You may be in great shape. The question now is, what purchases and which financing choices move you closer to your long-term goals for yourself and your wallet? Are you better off seeking great terms and enjoying the resources to which you have access, or paying down other debts and saving for the future?

There are no absolute right or wrong answers to such questions. Extremes either way usually lead to an unbalanced and unpleasant life. Ignoring the future is almost always a mistake, but so is sacrificing the present in order to serve it. It takes focus and reason to chart the course which makes the most sense for you and those in your care.

In general, you should consider a few more or less universal realities of financial planning in 21st century America:

• A household budget is key to every other financial decision. If you don’t have one, make one and use it each month. It’s not there to tell you how to use your money; it’s there to reveal to you how you’re using your money so you can make better decisions.

• You’ll need more than you think to retire comfortably and live out your golden years in relative health and peace. Every American, regardless of income, should have a plan for making this happen.

• If you don’t know exactly what sort of retirement or savings you’re currently receiving through your employer, you should find out. Chances are good you’ll want to add to it.

• Debt is a reality of modern American life. A little debt is a tool that can work for you and give you financial flexibility. Too much debt is a weight that makes you work for it. It’s almost always worth sacrificing some conveniences and temporary pleasures to pay down debt.

• Most experts say that while money doesn’t buy happiness, it can finance positive experiences. It allows us to do things with people we like and go places we’ll remember fondly. Those experiences tend to produce more long-term happiness than simply having more stuff.

• Every loan is impacted by your credit score and credit history. Every loan you take out and repay impacts your credit score and credit history. Like money itself, these things don’t provide happiness or comfort all by themselves, but they make it far easier (or far more difficult) to secure the things and experiences which do.

No matter what your situation today, you will eventually need financing again. The time will come to purchase a new home or vehicle. You’ll want to finance major home repairs, or a wedding, or go back to school. When that time comes, the decisions you make between now and then will greatly influence the number of resources available to you and the terms on which you’re able to utilize them. Interest rates, length and amount of the loan, even the number of lenders willing to compete for your business – it all starts today.


At, we simplify personal and small business finance by offering you free access to what we like to call our “content mall” of financial assistance and education. We’ve collected innovative online financial tools and information about a wide variety of related issues and organized them by their subject matter.

For organizing and managing your day-to-day and month-to-month finances, we present...

•, where you can receive and pay your bills all in one place.

•, to help you analyze where you could be spending less and saving more and to put together a meaningful budget that works for you.

• lets you tie together your various accounts and obligations and make debt work for you (instead of you always working for it).

•, where you can find tips and tools for organizing and improving your personal and small business tax preparation and decision-making.

When planning for the future, check out...

•, designed to address your real estate needs and answer your questions about property ownership.

•, where you can explore the power of personal investments for people like yourself.

Finally, of course, there are our bedrock sites, serving your most immediate needs for information and connections.

•, for emergency, small-dollar loans. You deserve better than hitting up Uncle Tightwad or some sketchy “payday loan” shack next door to the liquor store.

•, for managing your credit report and credit score (and learning how to improve both).

•, when it’s time to get serious about financing your way forward.

Every site offers its own unique tools and professional connections. More importantly, our educational blog articles explore different facets of every topic imaginable, all in plain, simple English. If we’re going to impress anyone with our pretty words, we want it to be because we’ve made complex topics accessible and easy to understand.

It’s all there when you need it, when you’re ready.


Did You Hear?

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently.”

Warren Buffet (American Businessman, Investor, and Philanthropist)

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What Are

Signature Loans?

Sometimes you just need extra money – to consolidate debt, pay off unexpected expenses, or finance a special occasion. Signature loans, sometimes called “good faith” or “character loans,” require no physical collateral, just your signature and your assurance of repayment.

Funds are often available quickly and thanks to the role of reputable online lenders, interest rates are competitive. Signature loans offer great flexibility, but they are a serious commitment. As with any loan, make sure this is the right option for you before you decide.

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Pros and Cons of Signature Loans

A personal loan can be useful in a number of situations. Whether you want to consolidate bills to a lower payment or cover an unplanned emergency expense, personal loans are designed to help bridge the gap.

Pros: Versatile and Straightforward

More than any other type of loan, a signature loan relies on your credit and your name. With a good credit rating, it's a simple matter of comparing terms and rates, choosing a lender, then getting your money. How and when you spend it is up to you.

Pros: Adapts to Circumstances

We can't always anticipate major expenses. Life can get... complicated, often without much warning . Medical expenses, emergency repairs, or the juggling of household finances due to the loss of a job or even a family member can present challenges that require a decisive response and a confident hand. The right signature loan can be a strategic response to unexpected circumstances.

Pros: No Collateral Required

A signature loan doesn’t demand that you risk your home or other valuable property as security. Your collateral is your good name and your word that you’ll repay.

Cons: Limited amounts available

Because signature loans generally rely on your credit history and promissory signature alone, you may not be able to borrow the full amount you'd like. Careful consideration of the whole of your circumstances should dictate whether to proceed with the amount a lender is willing to offer or consider another type of loan - possibly involving collateral or a co-signer - which might secure you a higher credit limit.

Cons: Higher rates

Because it’s an unsecure loan, a signature loan often comes with higher interest rates and may include additional fees. Pay attention to specific terms, particularly any penalties for late payment. It may make more sense to pursue a more traditional loan on more favorable terms.

Cons: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

The flexibility and relative ease of obtaining signature loans make them a tempting option in a wide variety of circumstances. That same flexibility and relative lack of accountability for how or why the money is used means the onus is on you for thoughtful budgeting, realistic planning, and holding to your long-term commitment to pay back the loan each month on time, every time. Doing so will strengthen your credit rating and help future transactions go even more smoothly. Plus, it's the right thing to do.

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We are a marketing lead generator and advertising service designed to provide you with quick and convenient access to third-party lenders.


We are a marketing lead generator and advertising service designed to provide you with quick and convenient access to third-party lenders.


We are a marketing lead generator and advertising service designed to provide you with quick and convenient access to third-party lenders.


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